Friday, April 06, 2012

Number Three

If neither Tomas Vokoun (groin) nor Michal Neuvirth (who apparently suffered a knee injury in last night’s game against Florida) is able to return to the lineup for a while, few folks will give the Washington Capitals much of a chance to go far in the playoffs. Teams with their number three goalie on the depth chart having to step in to the lineup are not expected to have what it takes at the most important position on the ice in the post season.

The Washington Capitals, however, are probably in better shape than most when it comes to enduring assaults to their goaltending depth. If one takes a look at how other playoff-eligible teams might have to deploy goalies if reduced to their third string goaltender, here is what it looks like (selections with no NHL games are based on AHL games experience):


MetalCap said...

Isn't Turco barred from the playoffs because he came from overseas after the trade deadline? Who would Boston's 3rd be then?

Leighton and Bishop aren't terrible goalies, compared to the rest.

The Peerless said...

Right you are...I believe that leaves Anton Khudobin for the B's