Friday, March 29, 2013

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It’s a little known fact…

-- Reason 3,826 why the Southeast Division sucks… no team in the Division ranks in the top eight in the Eastern Conference in home win-loss record.  Tampa Bay is the only division team with a record over .500 (9-7-1).  The Caps are 8-8-0.

-- The good and the bad… Looking at the individual points rankings, there are the Penguins with the first and second ranked point getters, and there is Tampa Bay with the third and fourth ranked scorers.  One is a prohibitive favorite to win the Stanley Cup. The other… uh, no.

-- Caps fans know that Mike Ribeiro is having a fine season.  But there is another statistic of note that Caps fans might not be paying attention to with respect to Ribeiro’s season.  He currently has 41 penalty minutes in 33 games.  He has never finished a season in his career averaging more than 1.0 penalty minutes per game.

-- Since the lockout of 2004-2005, only one qualifying player in the NHL finished the season with a shooting percentage of greater than 25.0 percent – Mike Ribeiro in 2007-2008 with Dallas (25.2 percent).  At the moment, four qualifying players have at least a 25.0 percent shooting percentage: Patrik Berglund, Chris Kunitz, Alex Tanguay… and Ribeiro.

-- That Sidney Crosby leads the NHL in assists is probably not a surprise to anyone.  But Chris Kunitz tied for sixth with 24 in 35 games?  He’s never had more than 35 in a season.  Oh, and Ribeiro is tied with him.  So is Nicklas Backstrom.

-- It’s all very nice that Steven Stamkos has 23 goals and all, but really… 43 goals against while on ice?  41 of them at even strength (no non-Lightning forward in the league is close)?  Hey, Milbury, how ‘bout talking about this guy playing in his own end.

-- More Ribeiro… he’s tied for third in the league power play points with that guy in Pittsburgh.  No, not Iginla.

-- Troy Brouwer has “only” 69 recorded hits in 32 games, tied for 41st in the league among forwards.  We say “only” because he ranked seventh last season (247) and fifth in 2010-2011 (262).

-- It might not be too much of a stretch to be unsurprised that Jason Chimera leads the Caps in minor penalties taken.  It would probably surprise you more, dear reader, to know that Alex Ovechkin is tied with him (13 apiece).

-- Matt Hendricks has as many fighting majors for the Caps as the rest of the team combined (6).

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