Sunday, May 05, 2013

Caps vs. Rangers -- Torts' Shorts, Game 2

Frankly, we expected New York Rangers' head coach John Tortorella to be more entertaining in this series than he has been so far.  And by "more entertaining," we mean "smoke-snorting, fire breathing hell on journalists and small children."  But so far, we have seen "Subdued Tortorella."  Although, one can see storm clouds gathering.  You could almost see the first hint of wisps of smoke coming from the coach in his post-game press conference following the Washington Capitals' 1-0 overtime win over the Rangers...

And as for the quotes themselves...

“It’s a rule…”
-- When asked what he thought about the delay of game rule

“Create more offense…”
-- When asked what he thinks needs to be done going forward to get more scoring

“We’re just too stagnant…we’re just almost paralyzed."
-- Asked if it was something the Caps penalty killers were doing or the Rangers not doing that accounted for lack of success on the power play.

“I’ll leave it at that.”
-- On a follow up about what caused the power play to be stagnant or paralyzed.

“They played well, they played well… [we] changed the lines to try to create some more offense and also due to some matchups."
-- When asked what he was hoping to achieve by changing up the lines going into the third period and how the two players (Derek Dorsett and Brian Boyle) did in coming back into the lineup

“They’ll be fine, they’ll be fine, we got a good group.”
-- When asked about the team perhaps being down

It was not the volcanic Tortorella that you either love or hate (depending on your rooting interests), but it was a tick up the Tort-o-Meter of Surliness, too...


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