Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caps vs. Rangers -- Torts' Shorts, Game 5

It was another disappointing night for the Rangers and their head coach, John Tortorella.  It was disappointing for those of us compiling the “Torts’ Shorts,” too.  We keep waiting for the headmaster to descend into a sputtering, fire-breathing swirl of hate.  But thus far he has been measured, reasonable, affable…in other words, “BOH-rinnnnnnnnng”…

“…the second period, neither team developed a whole bunch.  They scored on a power play, but for our team, yeah, it did go downhill.  Had a couple of chances in overtime; third period we didn’t have much…that’s the way it worked out.”

-- answering whether he was disappointed that the Rangers didn’t have as many scoring chances later as they had early in the game.

“I’m not critiquing players…”

-- responding to a question about what he saw out of Rick Nash

“It’s a dumb penalty, and you don’t kill those off.  It just happens that way in our game.  That’s a guy that’s playing really well for us, but it’s a dumb penalty.”

-- on the penalty Brian Boyle took, slashing Mike Ribeiro, that led to the Caps’ game-tying power play goal.

“I don’t consider it an elimination game; we’re trying to win one game.  I’m not even going to use that word.  Again, we have bounced back.  Guys that haven’t been in it, it’s an opportunity.  That’s the way they have to look at it.  So we’ll go home and try to win a game.”

-- on the Rangers facing elimination in Game 6

Coach was calm, patient, forthcoming.  Not entertaining to beat writers, perhaps (at least the ones to whom his ire is not directed), or those of us engaged in rib-poking, but he’s been almost…nice.  We have to think other things were on his mind, though…

Laugh, clown,
at your broken love!
Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart!

One can only hope it is the Rangers feeling that grief come Sunday evening.  But in the meantime, on the Tort-o-Meter of Surliness, Coach gets a…


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