Friday, June 28, 2013

Rock the Mock! ...NHL draft, that is

We do not earn a living as a scout, a general manager, or a media analyst of the NHL.  This makes us uniquely qualified to spout utter gibberish about who will select whom in Sunday's NHL Entry Draft.  What follows is not science.  We merely combed the four corners of the hockey universe for mock drafts from media outlets, aggregated them, and came up with a "draft of drafts."  The only tweak we made to it was to take the Colorado Avalanche at its word that they would be drafting a forward with the first overall pick.  So, let's get to it...

For you Caps fans, the Kerby Rychel pick at 23 is an interesting result.  Once you get past the top four picks, players who have been cemented into the top-four for a year now, Rychel was the most consistent in terms of where he was slotted.  In all but one mock draft we looked at, he was slotted between 20th and 24th overall.

Of course, now that we've said that, we don't think Rychel will be a Cap because we do not think the Caps will stay at 23.

Call it a hunch.


Todd G said...

Up or down?

The Peerless said...

Up...down gets them into a place they have not had lots of success.