Saturday, October 12, 2013

Washington Capitals: Colleagues Moving On

When you reach a certain age in life, you start taking notice of retirements of friends and colleagues.  It might be true for an athlete as he inches into his mid or late 30’s; it might be true for an office worker who has passed into his 60’s.  Strangely, it might be just as true for a blogger who has been around for something pushing ten years. 

We say this having noted (a bit late, we know) the semi-retirement of “On Frozen Blog,” one of the first-generation of Washington Capitals’ blogs and one of its most reliably stimulating.  Since “OFB” went live in October 2006,  it provided Caps fans with a unique stream of analysis and commentary, while channeling what was important to Caps fans as the club climbed back to competitiveness to provide thrills and disappointments along the way.  Their coverage of the 2007 IIHF World Championships in Russia is one of the best examples of fan-based… well, any-based reportage you’ll find in the Caps news archives.

We take note of their moving on because at some point it is going to happen to all of us who labor in this corner of the blogosphere.  The first generation of Caps bloggers – OFB, Japers’ Rink, Off Wing Opinion  -- have (and continue to) set a high bar for those who follow to clear.  Those who have joined the game since should take note.

We’ll miss the clinking beer glasses after wins, the occasional rant after a loss, and everything in-between.  Best of luck, guys.


GlvSv37 said...

Here Here!

RY said...

I'm part of that next generation.

Diane said...

Meanwhile, Off Wing Opinion's posts have also been sporadic in recent years as well