Thursday, April 10, 2014

That Time of Year Comes Early...uh, Earli-ER for the Washington Capitals and Their Fans

If you are a Washington Capitals fan, you know that you should have your golf clubs in the trunk of your car by mid-April every year.  If there is anything as constant as the North Star, it is that the Caps will hit the links sooner than you would expect and certainly sooner than you would like.  This year, tee times come even earlier than we would have imagined as the Caps will miss the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons.

With that, we bring you a brief guide to golf from the perspective of the Caps fan...

It always helps to get limber after a long winter of sitting in your recliner throwing shoes at the TV over the fact that the bottom pair of defensemen you have been cheering for weren't exactly making the Hershey Bears a juggernaut when they spent big chunks of their seasons there.

Don't be late for tee times.  It annoys your foursome partners, it tears up the course, and it's...uh, hard on the equipment, if you know what I mean.

If you are still bitter over how the Caps' season went, make sure you get it all out of your system before heading to the course.  Otherwise, you're probably just going to embarrass yourself and waste a ton in greens fees.

If you are riding with your partner, and he shouts "OVIE ON A BREAKAWAY!" do not...repeat, do NOT take him up on the challenge.

Caps fans... don't ruin the enjoyment of other golfers at the range by trying this sort of "one-timer."  It's over, let it go.  

Oh, look...George McPhee and Adam Oates are hitting the links, too.  Looks like how they steered the club this year.

Well, if you can't take the Stanley Cup to the mountain top, there's always golf.

Color us unimpressed.  A Caps fan, given the practice they get, should be able to do this backwards and blindfolded.

Caps fan?...Yeah, Caps fan.

Looks like George and Adam are getting in an extra nine.

Metaphor for the Caps' season...

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