Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Induction of the NHL's Magnificent Seven

The last thing we saw before passing out in a food coma from our occasional indulgence of pepperoni, anchovy, and marshmallow fluff pizza last night was a picture on NHL.com of this year's Hockey Hall of Fame induction class.  And as so often happens when we indulge in a PA&MF pizza, we had a very active dream state.  We could not help but conjure images of which inductees would be which characters from the iconic film...

As for the characters...

“Chris,” the veteran gunslinger, fearless and a born leader.  Well, that has to be Chris Pronger.

There is the skilled, but inexperienced “Chico,” and while Phil Housley certainly did not lack for long experience in his NHL career, he spent a lot of it looking like a kid.

There is “Vin,” a well-traveled sort who cannot accept being mundane. Sergei Fedorov, one of the early entries from Russia in the NHL, had a style and skill level that was anything but mundane.

“Bernardo” worked in comparative obscurity before being recognized for his skill.  This might fit Angela Ruggiero, who excelled in the formative years of U.S. women’s hockey, medaling in four consecutive Winter Olympics and being a member of four world championship teams.

There is “Britt,” who does not shrink from a challenge and who has a variety of skills.  Not unlike Nicklas Lidstrom, arguably the most complete defenseman in the modern era of hockey.

“Lee” had to face down a crisis of confidence, not all that different from someone like Peter Karmanos confronting the challenge of growing a successful hockey franchise is a non-traditional part of the world known more for barbecue and auto racing.

And there is “Harry,” joining the adventure to seek treasure and fame, and well, Bill Hay spent 15 years as chairman and chief executive officer of the Hockey Hall of Fame, a jewel in the hockey firmament. 

And you know that Gary Bettman is "Calvera."

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