Monday, September 19, 2011

2011-2012 Capitals Training Camp -- Day 3

We caught some of Group B and all of Group A in today’s sessions at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, and rather than bore you, dear reader, with a thousand or so words about it, here is how we tweeted the proceedings (since not everyone has Twitter)...

Changing things up...first group was on public rink; nefarious plot to confuse bloggers (note, the Caps have been staggering the start times; this morning the first group started on the public rink, probably because Group A was going to get the Capitals rink since they are largely going to be the contingent playing Tuesday in Baltimore)

Ovechkin comes out alone sans red jersey to test skates...both work. Let's play hockey

Might be 2/3 of "pain in the ass" line. RT @pckhdsthghts: I can see Halpern and Hendericks on the same line a lot this season.

Media types huddling in media huddling area; think I heard someone call "x-box game boy slant on 2...ready...BREAK!!!”

Erskine still wearing the orange shroud of avoidance

Nice chill in here this AM...think I can see my breath (it was quite chilly in there this morning…real hockey like)

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is Bourque skating with another group, this time in green jersey? (Yup…Bourque had two sessions of hockey)

Grumpi Ovi...lost control of puck, yelled something, banged stick on glass. See what happens when you turn 26?...get irritable

Erskine top corner long side on Neuvirth...he's a wingah! (Note…on his next time down the ice, Erskine scored again, low to the stick side of Philipp Grubauer from in close).

Not a bad crowd here for a Monday at KCI (the bleachers were about 35 or so percent filled)

Now Bourque wearing red jersey with no name plate...he must be stealth forward to be deployed vs NSH tomorrow

And Knuble now in's like watching Emmys for wardrobe changes

Semin from gray to red? Stop the insanity!

Looks like they're running PP against only goalie...four forwards, one D

The Caps later ran the power play against actual players, and for those wondering, no…Ovechkin was not skating on the left point. He was on the half wall for much of the drill or down low at the goal line. Coach Boudreau spent a fair amount of time with positioning and alignment. It did have a different look to it.

And now…pictures:

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