Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sight Lines

Top ten materials considered for Caps new netting behind the goals…

10. Cheesecloth

9. Chicken wire

8. Those climbing nets you see at boot camp

7. Bounty paper towels

6. Window screen mesh

5. Doilies knitted together

4. Mosquito netting

3. Old goal nets they found at Piney Orchard

2. Chain mail

And the number one material considered by the Caps and installed behind the goals…

1. Surgical gauze


Demitra said...

I heard a couple people mention old goal nets last night, myself included. I'm sure we'll get used to them in time if they stick around, but I have to wonder what was so wrong with the black netting that they decided to change.

The Peerless said...

I hope pre-season is just test-driving the idea.

Anonymous said...

They will be changed by the next game. Uncle Ted is the MAN. He listens to his fan base and responds.

Someone needs to lock Snyder in a room with Uncle Ted and not allow him to leave until he 'gets' it.