Tuesday, September 27, 2011

White Nets, We Hardly Knew Ye

Now that the nets behind the goals at Verizon Center are going to be returned to their “black” state, we can retire the white nets to the dustbin of “Good Ideas That Sucked”…

10. Sony Betamax

9. Crystal Pepsi

8. Pet Rocks

7. Heinz Colored (Not Red) Ketchup

6. Clairol “Touch of Yogurt” Shampoo

5. Thirsty Dog Bottled Water

4. Sylvester Stallone Pudding

3. Harley Davidson Perfume

2. White Nets Behind Hockey Goals

And the number one – and still champion “Good Idea That Sucked”…

1. New Coke

1 comment:

Doug B. said...

Precious. Back in the hands of The Peerless-another season's top about to be popped/Lightning hangover nearly subsided/hope beginning to gather again in recesses of our hearts. May short-lived white nets be our greatest blunder of the season.