Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why is Pittsburgh Struggling?...It isn't rocket science

We take this brief interlude from matters concerning the Caps to ask the question, "what's happened to Pittsburgh?" Thought by some to be a Stanley Cup finalist in waiting, the Penguins have struggled out of the gate. Why? It really isn't hard to see:

2006-2007 (through 26 games): 11-11-4 (26 points)
2007-2008 (through 26 games): 12-12-2 (26 points)

Looks pretty similar...well, maybe not:

Record vs. Atlantic Division:

2006-2007 (through 26 games): 9-4-1 (19 points)
2007-2008 (through 26 games): 3-7-1 (7 points)

Given the preponderance of divisional games on clubs' schedules, and the improvements in Atlantic Division squads this year (they re already 0-2-0 to Philadelphia, who they swept last year), there should be more than a little concern among the Penguin faithful.