Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why does this call to mind Bobby Gould?

Avert your eyes, if you must but, let me introduce to...


The description goes like this:
This guy's no jackass - it's Mario Lemule! The goofy grinnin' donkey gets really funky when he hits the ice. This guy slips and slides, jumps and jives to the hottest, horse hoovin' hip-hop hits. Mario spends a lot of time in his private stallion stable in a prominent part of the Pittsburgh suburbs. Look out pooper-scoopers...don't step in Mario's manure!

Characteristics: Enormous ears that flap freely. Naughty "snotty" nostrils on the end of his snout. A goofy growl on his grill that makes everyone giggle. Huge hooves for reeking havoc.

We'll pass on stepping in Mario's "manure." We'll just wait for Bobby G. to kick his ass.*

* We have to thank The Pensblog for pointing the way for this one.