Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheerless Has An Idea

Blogger Camp 2010 must have shaken a brain cell free in the head of the slow-on-the-uptick cousin of mine, because Cheerless has an idea.  Oh heck, let's just let him explain it...

"You know what we need, cuz? We need a TV show. Maybe we can get that Bravo TV to produce it. We could have Caps bloggers sitting around talking about Corsi and GVT and getting all snarky with one another.  And we can go on field trips and such.  Not that hoity-toity citified go-out-to-the-country-and-drink-chardonnay stuff you see on that housewives show, either.  We could sit around horkin' down brats and drinkin' beer talking about how misunderstood Jeff Schultz is, or how Mike Green does so play defense.

And instead of dressing up in those real fine clothes those reality babes always seem to have falling out of their closets, the bloogers..."

That's "bloggers," cuz...

"Bloogers, bloggers, whatever.  Y'all could dress up in Caps jerseys of your favorite players.  You could pull out that Mike Eagles jersey you've been dyin' to wear.  You could visit celebrities at their houses.  You know, drop in on Brooks Laich or Bruce Boudreau or Alex Ovechkin."

It's a fine line between "dropping in " and "stalking," cuz...

"Well, maybe if you took along a six-pack to break the ice.  Oh, and instead of talking about shoes like those bimbos prattle on and on about, you could talk about sticks and skates and stuff.  And you could give the folks watchin' the inside stuff about blogging, like, why do you guys always write stuff at four in the morning, anyway?"

Seems like you've thought a lot about this.

"Well, someone's got to do the thinkin' around here.  I even got a name for the show."

Well, don't keep it a secret.

"The Real Caps Bloggers of DC."