Monday, December 08, 2008


How is it that a team that since 2003 has seen its average attendance increase by almost 45 percent to finish second in the league last year...a team that is still averaging 99.3 percent of capacity this year in official attendance...a team that only two years ago stood atop the Eastern Conference in the regular season and reached the Conference finals...

A Quirk of Scheduling II

Yesterday's 3-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes was the fifth "back-half" of back-to-back games played thus far by the Caps this season. So far, they are 1-3-1 in those games, winless since the first of them, which was the home opener against Chicago. All four losses -- three in regulation and one in extra time -- were suffered on the road.

The Caps have eight more of those "back-half" games to play. Six of them are on the road, meaning that of the 13 back-to-back games to be played this season, ten of the "back-half" games will be road games.

Is there someone we can talk to about this?