Sunday, January 27, 2008

My MVP...

Eric Staal won the car...Rick Nash had the hat trick...Alex Ovechkin stole the weekend. But my MVP?...

Manny Legace.

He was a joy to listen to when he was miked up for the All-Star game. His self-deprecating demeanor and "good sport" attitude about the whole thing was a shot in the arm this game needed.

Hole in One...Perfect Strike...and now...


This could be, as if it's needed, the real "coming out" party for Alex Ovechkin as a player the league leans on to market its product. A showman with skill and wonder when the league is going to "get it."

And today, he'll be playing with Jason Spezza and Martin St. Louis. Hope Phillips Arena has a speed counter for goals.

Every Hockey Player Needs a Nickname

Hockey is famous for nicknames..."Turk," "Chicotoumi Cucumber," whatever. These days, nicknames are more a product of a player's last name. "Clark" becomes, "Clarkie"..."Ovechkin" becomes, "Ovie"..."Crosby" becomes...well, you get the idea.

But sometimes, a unique nickname is in order. Consider, if you will, Kris Beech...former first-round draft pick of the Capitals, later sent to Pittsburgh in the Jaromir Jagr Nashville...then to back to Washington...then to Columbus.

Well, young Mr. Beech has been "on the road," as they say...

January 10th, claimed off waivers by Vancouver from Columbus.

January 22nd, claimed off waivers by Washington from Vancouver.

January 26th, claimed off waivers by Pittsburgh from Washington.

Four cities and 4,590 miles in 16 days.

...we'll propose "Travelocity" as Beech's nickname.