Friday, October 31, 2008

The Story of Bruce

John Walton has the information on Bruce Boudreau's autobiography, coming out in October 2009.

The Sloan Era

Tarik El-Bashir reports in Capitals Insider that Tyler Sloan has been returned to the Hershey Bears. Sloan -- heretofore a player who logged AHL time with Syracuse and Manitoba, as well as Hershey in the AHL -- had a nice little run here. It argues for him being on a short list of potential emergency call-ups this season. In his four games...

Record: 2-2-0
Scoring: 1-0-1
Average ice time: 10:38
Plus/minus: even
Shooting percentage: 50% (1-for-2)
Hits: 6 (good for 11th on the team...not bad for a guy who's played fewer than half the games)
Slobberknocker hits: 1 (Daymond...Daymond...uh, Daymond?)

Horror Show at the Confluence

"Saw V"...a Disney film

"A Nightmare on Elm Street?"...a Spielberg feel good movie

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"...pfft...a Cartoon Network feature

"Psycho?"... a story of family love

Now this is a horror show...

...if you're a Penguin fan.


It's a movie waiting to happen

Last night, the last thing we did before retiring was to read with interest an article dated this morning in the Washington Post by Tarik El-Bashir on George McPhee, educator, and wondered...

Raiders of the Lost Cup?

Washington McPhee and the Center on Fun Street?

Washington McPhee and the Stanley Cup Crusade?

Washington McPhee and the Kingdom of Lord Stanley's Chalice?

"V-I-C-T-O-R-Y... the search for victory. Not truth. If it's truth you're interested in, Doctor Tyree's Philosophy class is right down the hall. So forget any ideas you've got about fancy parties, exotic travel, and taking over the sports world. We do not get features on SportsCenter and "$" never, ever, marks the bottom line."

We really need to lay off the anchovy and pineapple pizza before bed...