Sunday, January 13, 2013


When thinking about the sort of post that would generate our highest volume of views and responses, we would have hoped it would have the headline, “Caps Win Cup, Cheerless Streaks at Kettler!”, not the post we entered last Friday.

But there it is, an unfortunate product of The Great NHL Lockout of 2012-2013. 

As we noted, we do not have any delusions that one rant is going to create a groundswell of resentment over what the NHL did over the last few months.  But the comments, e-mails, and tweets we received in response did suggest that there are more than a few hockey fans out there who are and remain upset over the behavior of management.

If anything surprised us in the responses it was that there were so few of a negative nature.  The vast majority of them were of the “me too” variety – fans who had come to similar conclusions that the business of the NHL was broken, one that seemed interested only in the commercial aspect of it at the expense of the “relationship” part of it.  To all those who took the time to respond, whatever your opinion, thank you for your attention.

The problem the NHL has is not one we think a week’s worth of so-called “appreciation” or a half-season’s worth of “discounts” will fix.  But that is the league’s problem, not ours.  We have severed our business relationship with the league; that is in the rear-view mirror.

It is time to return to the game.  The game itself remains, in our opinion, the most compelling spectacle in sport.  No other sport combines the speed, strength, endurance, and will that characterize ice hockey.  And it is that to which we will now return.  Besides, the cousins are getting itchy to get back to blogging about games. 

To those who stayed along for the ride during the lockout, we thank you for your own endurance.  For those who might be coming back after being away, or for those who might have stopped by out of curiosity after our rant, welcome.  It’s time to fire up the TV, pop open a cold one, and settle in for the thrill ride that is hockey.