Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The District of Columbia has a motto on its license plates, "Taxation Without Representation." Nice...cute...makes a point.

But maybe it should read, "Just Good Enough to Break Your Heart," if the performances of the local sports teams are any indicator...

Redskins...given up for dead after a gaffe-filled loss to the Chicago Bears on December 6th, they won their last three games to edge their way into the playoffs, where the dream was snuffed out by the Seattle Seahawks (to be fair, it was one of the more inspiring stories of the sports year, anywhere).

Wizards...a heretofore .500-or-so, Agent-Zero-less team, they sweep a back-to-back set against the then 30-4 (now 30-6) Boston Celtics.

Capitals...can't beat the Panthers (5-10-5 in their last 20 games) and stuck in 13th in the Eastern Conference, but they are 3-0 against the East-leading Ottawa Senators (6-2 in their last eight meetings).