Friday, August 07, 2009


That is all...

Gasping, Wheezing, Limping to Training Camp... August is "Nothing to Write" Month

So, we are desperate for something, anything, to keep our eyes on the prize...

We are 55 days from Opening Night. A tool I use to think of how much time that is, is to think, "ok, what happened 55 days ago?"

Well, on June 14th...

- GT1 Corvettes were retired following Corvette Racing's sixth victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

- The second season of "True Blood" premiered on HBO.

- Sidney Crosby took the Stanley Cup to PNC Park where the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Detroit Tigers. All six fans in attendance were in the rest rooms.

- James Symington, a former officer with the Halifax Regional Police, was presented with five clones of Trakr, his German Shepherd Dog who lived and worked with Symington as a search-and-rescue dog for 14 years, and who located the last survivor in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001.

Is it September yet?