Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Peerless Prognosticator is ON THE AIR!!! -- Caps vs. Ducks, January 27th

The Peerless Prognosticator is ON THE AIR!!!

It’s another of those infernal back-to-backs that play havoc on our prognosticating, although it is a labor of love when the Caps come into the back half of this BtoB with a win under their belts, last night’s at the expense of the New York Islanders by a 7-2 score. Tonight it’s the Anaheim Ducks who visit Verizon Center, and the Ducks…

“I can help U with that if UR short on time.”

I beg your pardon?

“I can help U if UR short on time.”

And you would be…

“I.B. Twittering.”

Of course you are…

“I read #The Peerless a lot, and I’d B happy to help.”

OK, I’ll bite…

“2nite the #AnaheimDucks visit the Caps.”

OK, I get that part.

“#AnaheimDucks are 8-5-0 in January, 8-3-0 in last 11.”

What’s with the pound sign?

“It’s a #twittering thing; U wouldn’t understand.”

OK, go on…

“ANA has 3 players >40 points: #CoreyPerry, #RyanGetzlaf, #BobbyRyan”

“Dman #ScottNiedermayer is -16; worst of career.”


“Must make #GreenLife52 angry”

No doubt…

“#AnaheimDucks 5/60 on PP over last 18 games”

8.3 percent isn’t going to cut it against the Caps.

“#AnaheimDucks PK is 81.0% over same games.”

Not great…if it’s a special teams game, the Ducks could get roasted.

“very funny; have to put that under ‘#duckjokes’”

As you were… uh, “tweeting?”

“D #SteveEminger leads #AnaheimDucks D in shooting %”

He’s taken only 17 shots in 37 games. That’s what…

“2G for #SteveEminger”

Not exactly “MikeGreenesque”

“None of top6 D for #AnaheimDucks in scoring drafted by club”

Interesting tidbit…

“#JonasHiller has 1 appearance vs #Caps in career”

How’d he do?

“7 min, 6SOG, 3G, .500SV, 24.94GAA for #JonasHiller”

In other words…


But he played last night. What about J-S Giguere?

“Since #NHLlockout, 1-1-1, 2,41, .913 for #JSGiguere”

OK, so I’m guessing the Caps see Giguere tonight

“It’s been 2 wks since #JSGiguere was in lineup; no W’s since Dec 8”

I see… 0-3-1, 4.13, .863 since then… not good. So what are the keys?

“Keep up the PP production”

The Caps are 15-for-41 in January (36.6 percent), but they’re only averaging 3.4 opportunities per game for the month. More would be better.

“3 is key”

If Anaheim gets three goals, they win. They are 8-0-0 when scoring at least three in January, 0-5-0 when they don’t.

“Pedal 2 the metal”

Someday, the streak is going to end, but “someday” doesn’t have to be today. The Caps have defeated contenders (Detroit, Pittsburgh), pretenders (Montreal, Ottawa, Philadelphia), and bottom enders (Toronto, the Islanders). No reason why they can’t keep this going…

Caps 4 – Ducks 2