Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eight Years, 3,338 Posts

It all started in a log cabin in Kentucky...

Well, no it didn’t.  But it did start on July 30, 2005 with a non-descript post about the Caps drafting 13 feet of defensemen – sort of the Washington Capitals’ version of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. It was not the most sophisticated of debuts; we didn’t even have a title for it.

But from that modest beginning grew a colossus that is read by several on a daily basis.  It has been a vehicle for our odd cousins, Fearless and Cheerless, to weigh in (in a manner of speaking) on the great hockey issues of the day.  It introduced the world to the genius of Dr.Vynot Schootdepuck, Director of Advanced Applications at the Bettman Institute of Technology and Competitive Hockey (BITCH).    It is where we gathered the great thinkers in the coaching community for their insights.    And we brought in panels of doctors to weigh in on injury epidemics before concussions become de rigueur as a topic among the hockey media.   We’ve taken a look at The Passion of the Caps Fan and what happens when that passion is taken for granted.

We’ve done this for what is now, with this entry, 3.338 posts, a number that corresponds to the catalogue number of Elvis Presley’s LP, “Girl Happy”…think of us as “Hockey Happy.”  And hoping there are another 3,000 odd posts left before Cheerless takes over for good. 

Thank you all for reading and making this worthwhile.