Sunday, February 21, 2010

C'mon, you were wondering how they were made

Super Sunday?...No, "Spectacular Sunday"

The NFL has its conference championship weekend, arguably the best weekend of football of the year.  College basketball has its Final Four weekend, as competitive as it gets in that sport.

Today hockey fans get their thrill.  Some are calling it "Super Sunday," but let's let the NFL have their fun.  For hockey fans, today is "Spectacular Sunday" -- Russia vs. Czech Republic at noon, followed up by Canada vs. USA, and topped off by Sweden vs. Finland.

Border wars, brother vs. brother, teammate vs. teammate, and a whole history of match-ups that give today depth and meaning.

If you are a hockey fan, today is as "must-see" as it gets.  And if you're not a hockey fan, watch... you will be when the day is done.