Thursday, May 31, 2018

Washington Capitals: Word Association - The Caps are Like... A Hamburger

The 2017-2018 Capitals are like a hamburger.  Hear me out.  You see a lot of places these days offering gourmet burgers on their menus.  You know the ones…it’s locally sourced wagyu beef patties, truffles, artisan gouda cheese, applewood smoked bacon from free-range pigs, heirloom tomatoes, pate, baby greens, garlic-chipotle aioli…all the best of ingredients.

And you order it in anticipation of it being the best damned burger you’ve ever had…maybe the best damned burger in the history of burgers.

But somehow, when you get it, it’s good, but in the end…well, not quite as good as you thought it would be.  Certainly not the "'Presidents Trophy' good" you thought you were getting.  Maybe the ingredients are individually good, but they just don’t quite work together.  

But that burger you had on your own grill, just a simple burger, a slice of tomato from your garden, just some salt and pepper, maybe a slice of American cheese.  Good ingredients, good stuff…a burger you can sink your teeth into and be surprised just how good it is.

Sometimes, it not the “best’ ingredients…it’s the “right” ingredients, put together and prepared the right way, that in the end can be the most satisfying and, in the end, the best.