Friday, July 30, 2010

Five Years... It Seems Like Only Yesterday

Five years ago today, we dipped our toe in the Blogospherean Sea with an untitled post about the Caps' 2005 draft and their drafting 13 feet of defensemen (Sasha Pokulok and Joe Finley).  From that humble beginning, we have grown to where a crowd of several reads this crap every day.

"Uh, cuz, is this stuff 'flotsam' or 'jetsam?'"

"Technically, it would be 'jetsam,' Cheerless?'"

I just knew you two would show up if there was a picture of a beer involved.

"C'mon, cuz... you know we love you, even if that first one was really, really bad.  And besides, we thought there would be cake, too."

No cake.

"No cake?"


"Shoot... c'mon cuz, let's head over to that RMNB party.  Hurry up... our ride's here."

I gotta get new cousins.