Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July... sorta

As the month of July comes to a close, we think that it is never too early to start thinking about gifts for that favorite fan on your shopping list.  Or, you can just surprise your favorite fan with a little Christmas in July giving.  If you need some help...

For all you new parents out there, we have the perfect gift to introduce your little mite-in-waiting to the noble sport of hockey... the "I-heart-hockey" pacifier.  Or, maybe if you're a fan of Sidney Crosby...

There is still more than a month left in the summer, and what could be more relaxing on a summer's day than taking a break in your own Adirondack chair fashioned of hockey sticks.  Just make sure they're not composites, or they'll break the first time you sit in it.

Announce to your visitors your allegiance.  Every time they come a'callin' they know just where your hockey loyalties lie with a spiffy door knocker.  We think the doorbell that plays the goal horn would be a bit much.

Guys, are you looking for that perfect gift for your hockey sweetie?  Well, here you go... hockey logo earrings.  And for you ladies, if you are unattached, nothing shouts "puckbunny" louder than these little baubles.

You might think this just a humble bucket, but you would only be scratching the surface.  It is the vessel of the hopes and dreams of your hockey fandom... or something to toss your cookies in when your team goes belly up one more time in the playoffs.

You are going to find this hockey-themed money clip oh-so-handy to hold all that money you're going to need to pay for that latest round of ticket price hikes.  And if you have eight bucks left over, you can buy a luke warm beer.

Hockey and alcohol have a curious relationship, and nowhere does that come together more absurdly than in this hockey player wine bottle holder.  Just the thing when you need a stiff one.  Come to think of it, it does look a little like Zdeno Chara.

What better gift for the Penguin fan on your holiday shopping list than this uncanny replica of a Penguin fan.  And if he doesn't like it, poke him in the ribs with the pointy hat.

And for your Flyer fan favorite, you can't go wrong with a Mr. Chris Pronger Head doll.  It even comes with an "opponent" he just skewered lying on the ice.

Just a few little summer time gift giving ideas from your Uncle Peerless...

...happy holidays.


From the "blowing our own vuvuzela" file... Visits to this little corner of the Internet are up by 14 percent this month over July of last year. 

"No doubt due to our manly sex appeal."

"It sure ain't for the beer."

The cousins and I, not to mention all the other characters who frequent this space, thank each and every one of you...

...but don't expect us to do it by name, we have things to do.