Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Now, just what does that mean? Well, John Erskine is hurt, Steve Eminger isn't. The Caps are about to embark on a couple of weeks of important road games against division rivals.

Let the questions begin...

Is Lepisto here to travel with the team to acclimate himself and be available if a defenseman falters?

Is Eminger going to sit in favor of Lepisto?

Is he insurance in case Shaone Morrisonn (who has taken five minor penalties in his last two games) is not truly healthy?

Is Lepisto part of the "rotation" of defensemen who get a sweater on the odd night to keep others fresh while Erskine is on the shelf?

Stay tuned!
...maybe just wanted to visit the museums.


It isn't often we will go off the rink for a topic, but this morning, The Peerless is yukking with glee over this...

We have no sympathy for those among users of that gizmo who aren't involved in national defense, homeland security, or emergency health care.

As you can tell, we do not own and have never so much as held one of those things, and won't...ever. The only legitimate use we can see for one of these things if one is not employed in national defense, homeland security, or emergency health care is to communicate updates on hockey trades as we approach the trading deadline.

Does that make us a "flat-earther" in the eyes of afficionadoes?

No, it makes us sane.

Scoreboard glancing in the age of parity

It might not yet be time for full-fledged scoreboard watching, but a glance here and there might be expected of Capitals Nation, which hasn't glanced at anything except the summer schedule for the draft and free agency these past few years at this time.

Tonight, the marquee game for followers is Carolina at Boston. Who to root for, who to root for...

Carolina is one point behind the Capitals, with the Capitals holding a game in hand.

Boston is two points ahead of the Capitals for "eighth" in the East in points, and the Bruins hold two games in hand on the Caps.

So, does the discerning fan root for one club to lose, remain in second place in the division, and give up another game in hand?

Or, does the worrisome fan root for the other team to lose, remain within spitting distance in points, and give up one of the games in hand they hold?

Let's just hope it's not a "three-point game."