Monday, March 16, 2020

Scribbles During the Hiatus: One-Game Capitals

With the NHL having hit the “pause” button on their regular season due to the Coronavirus situation, one that would appear destined to last for a while, we don’t want you to think all of hockey is going dark.  The cousins and I will try to do our part to keep you entertained during the hiatus, and that means looking from time to time (meaning, "when we think of things to write") at the strange, the bizarre, and the fascinating fun facts from the Washington Capitals history book to impress your friends and confound your enemies.  Today’s topic…”One and Done.”

1.  Fourteen skaters in Caps history dressed for one game with the club.  Only one of them recorded a point in his only game.  Chris Ferraro had an assist on an Ulf Dahlen power play goal in a 3-2 overtime win over the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center on October 16, 2001.

2.  For nine off the 14 skaters playing one game with the Caps, it was their only NHL game.  That list includes:
  • Brian Stapleton (March 23, 1976 vs. Kansas City Scouts)
  • Alex Forsyth (November 12, 1977 vs. Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Tyler Larter (February 2, 1990 vs. New York Islanders)
  • Ken Lovsin (December 26, 1990 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Joey Tenute (February 7, 2006 vs. Florida Panthers)
  • Jonas Johansson (April 18, 2006 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Jamie Hunt (December 29, 2006 vs. New Jersey Devils)
  • Peter LeBlanc (April 13, 2014 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Garrett Mitchell (April 9, 2017 vs. Florida Panthers)

3.  For three of the 14 skaters it would be their last NHL game, a list that includes:
  • Chris Ferraro (October 16, 2001 vs. Los Angeles Kings).  Ferraro played 74 games over six seasons for five NHL teams (others: New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders)
  • Barrie Moore (January 17, 2000 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning).  Moore played 39 games over three seasons with three teams (others: Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers)
  • Ryan Stanton (January 19, 2016 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets).  Stanton played 120 games over four seasons with three teams (others: Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks)

4.  For one skater – Shawn Cronin – his one and only game with the Caps would be his first NHL game, October 21, 1988 against the New York Rangers.  He went on to appear in 292 NHL games over seven seasons with four clubs (others: Winnipeg Jets, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers)

5.  For the 14th skater – Rod Seiling – his only game with the Caps was not his first, last, or only NHL game, but it might be the most unique of experiences among the 14 skaters.  By the time he arrived in Washington, he was in his 13th season, having played as a rookie with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the next 11 seasons with the New York Rangers.  In that 13th season he was placed on waivers by the Rangers and claimed by the Caps on October 29, 1974.  He appeared in his one game – on October 31, 1974 against the Montreal Canadiens – and was then traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 2nd, for Tim Ecclesone and Willie Brossart, his Caps career having lasted four days.

6.  Of the 14 skaters, only three skated for the Caps in wins.  There was the 3-2 overtime win over the Los Angeles Kings on October 16, 2001, in which Chris Ferraro skated.  Jonas Johansson dressed for a 4-1 over the Tampa Bay Lightning on April 18, 2006.  Ryan Stanton skated in the Caps’ 6-3 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on January 19, 2016. 

7.  Brian Stapleton skated his only game in the only contest to end in a tie, a 5-5 tie against the Kansas City Scouts on March 23, 1976.

8.  One-game Caps were not spared frustration.  Four of the skaters dressed for games in which the Caps were shut out: Rod Seiling (a 3-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens on October 31, 1974), Joey Tenute (a 5-0 loss to the Florida Panthers on February 7, 2006), Peter Le Blanc (a 1-0 Gimmick loss to Tampa Bay on April 13, 2014), Garrett Mitchell (a 2-0 loss to the Panthers on April 9, 2017).

9.  Tampa Bay was the most frequent opponent for one-game Caps (Moore, LeBlanc, and Johansson).  Add two players who played their only game with the Caps against the Florida Panthers (Mitchell, Tenute), and more than a third of the players faced a Florida opponent in their lone Caps game.

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