Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Unbearable Lindrossiness of Being

There is a dense fog about at the moment...or maybe it's just The Peerless. Just are the effects after having found oneself in the midst of an automobile accident earlier today (deer were involved...don't ask). As you can see from the actual MRI taken this morning, we are fine...except for a persistent desire for doughnuts and a nap.

Don't know what this will do as far as the usual entries for the next couple of days...we'll probably end up writing more and making even less sense (as if that was possible). At least none of this will detract from my being able to watch the skills competition this evening and the All-Star Game tomorrow.

Or maybe it'll be just a dream...

"...Iginla and Datsyuk on the rush...Rick Nash coming late...a Nash...over to Iginla for the shot...OHHHHHHHHHHHH, what a save by The Peerless!!!"

Yeah...I need a second opinion...