Friday, February 19, 2010

Not "goodbye," we hope... just "until next time"

Over there on the right hand margin of this page, you'll see a question...

"Hate Cancer?"

If you click the link, you will be sent to "Put Cancer On Ice" that in their words is "a grassroots organization comprised of Washington Capitals hockey fans."

That description doesn't tell the half of it. For several years, Gavin Toner, Rob Keaton, and Ben Wilson -- the founders of the group -- have been holding monthly benefit games and the annual "Dave Fay Memorial Classic" game (in honor of the late Dave Fay, legendary sports writer for the Washington Times), auctioning off hockey-related items, and generally doing good works in the cause of fighting cancer under the "Put Cancer On Ice" banner.

Life's responsibilities intervene, though, even with respect to the best of causes, and the banner of "Put Cancer On Ice" is to be furled. But as PCOI goes into hiatus, the body of work that the organization leaves behind -- increasing awareness of this disease, bring hockey players and fans together in common cause, giving hockey fans an oasis in the heat of summer with the annual Dave Fay game, and raising more than $30,000 in the fight against cancer -- is impressive.

With that in mind, and for what it's worth, we'll leave the light on with that link over there in the margin with the hope that we'll see PCOI in the future.

Until next time... thanks Gavin, Rob, and Ben, and all the folks who worked with and supported PCOI for all of your contributions for your help in fighting cancer. You've been an inspiration to the rest of us in the Capitals community.