Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Zherdev?... Zher-don't!

Seems there are a few outlets (like the one run by that boob named after a former Flyer) who think every Russian hockey player in search of a contract is in the sights of the Washington Capitals. There are more than a few Capitals fans who think along those lines, too.

Which brings us to Nikolai Zherdev... Russian, hockey player, in search of a contract.

We consulted the nether realm as to whether this was a good idea and came upon some clues when searching for anagrams for "Nikolai Zherdev"...

"Haze Drivel Oink"... OK, he plays in a haze, the descriptions of his talent are just so much drivel (given his performance), and whatever contract he gets is going to be a real "oinker."

"Elk Head In Vizor"... that might be the reason for his occasional numbskull level of play.

"He Zero Diva Link"... might be a stretch, but maybe it's an indicator that he's a bit too much to have to deal with?

"Hi, Dark Evil Zone"... ok, now that's scary.

...can you tell it's August?

Giroux Returns to Hershey

No doubt Hershey Nation is thrilled, but one would think coming off a 60-goal season, not to mention another 15 in the post season, that there has to be a twinge of disappointment that the winger didn't get an NHL-deal.

Still, he and Hershey are obviously a great fit, and it's great news for the Bears and their fans.