Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging Royalty

He says, “the King is dead.” We’re not so sure.

Adam Vingan has decided to retire the Caps blog, “Kings of Leonsis,” after a two-year run as one of the must-read sites for Washington Capitals fans. I have to admit that competition for time makes it hard for me to read all the Caps blogs out there, but Kings of Leonsis has been one that I have to check out daily. It is the rare site that combines good humor with good content regularly and consistently. Its always fresh approach and unique perspective on the Capitals is what has kept me going there each morning. And now, we’ll miss it.

Adam is moving on to other things, and in that respect we don’t think the “King” is dead at all. He's just finding another kingdom.
I’m sure we’ll find him entertaining us and informing us for quite a while to come.