Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sittin' at the end of the bar...

-- TSN.ca has three Caps in the top six of their player rankings, now that Alexander Semin is a "qualifier."

-- You won't see it widely noted, but Mike Richards thinks that this Caps-Flyers thing has the makings of the "R-word:"

“I remember that Toronto series, and to this day, when we go there, it’s, ‘oh, the Flyers are in town. Last year’s playoffs we had with Washington was the best of the whole playoffs that I saw. It could definitely happen if we keep meeting each other and having the kind of games we do. It seems it gets more heated every time we play.”

...he shoulda been around in the 80's, but then again, he'd have been, what... three when Dale Hunter put Ron Hextall on his back?

-- Oh, and it seems blogging can make you happy. Who knew? I'm happy... are you happy? Of course, I'm happier that that the Caps toasted the Penguins, and that karma has paid a visit to Sidney Crosby's nether regions.

-- And, if you're a Caps fan, you might not want to watch this near-decapitation...