Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What do we know?

It is tempting to think (and more than a few folks seem to have succumbed to the temptation) that after an ugly effort last Friday against the Thrashers, that the RMS Capitals has righted itself and is steaming majestically onward to glory come the spring.


It's three games in. After three games last year, the Caps were 3-0 with seven goals scored and two (two!) allowed. And...

Viktor Kozlov had two goals...he finished with 14 in his last 79 games...he has none right now and is injured.

Mike Green had not registered a goal on four shots in the three games...he'd have 18 goals over his last 79 games...he is now 3-2-5 on 16 shots through three games this time around.

John Erskine was 1-1-2 and registered a +1 in each of the three games...he'd score one more goal and go +6 over his last 48 games...he's 0-0-0, even in two games.

Alexander Semin had only played in one game, notching an assist...he's 3-3-6 through three games this time around.

Alex Ovechkin had only one goal...he had 64 in his last 79 games...he has two at the moment, and being tied for 17th with the likes of Devin Setoguchi, Wade Redden, and Roman Hamrlik probably has a portion of Red Nation in a panic.

Boyd Gordon wasn't on the ice for any goals against in his three games...he got on the ice for the first time this past Monday, despite being by appearances completely healthy.

Jose Theodore was in Colorado and hadn't played a game yet.

Some might look at this and think, "gee, Peerless, the numbers look sort of better this time around." We're not a sap for three game increments. We see it more as, "things change," and what might look good on Saturday and Monday this week might look a lot different on a Saturday and a Monday in March.

There isn't anything to be learned...yet...from three games.

We don't know anything about anything.

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