Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheerless' Summer Project

So here we are in the desert of the hockey calendar that is August, and we’re sitting around thinking of things to think about. The Caps have made all those changes, and we now have only rookie and training camp to look for…

“Uh, cuz?”

Yeah, Cheerless…

“Ever think about all those moves and all those players who left?”

Yeah, so?

“What if they were their own team?”

Their own team? What league would they play in?

“The League of Extraordinary Caps Third and Fourth Liners?”

Cute…but what about this team?


“Hey, have you seen him pitch?”

Go on…

“I put together a team of former Caps.”

OK, I’ll bite…

“Here, look…”

I can see you put a lot of work into this.

“yeah…I used colors and everything.”

Two Czechs on the top line…

“Czechmates…get it?”


"And the 'Clampett Line'…"

The “Clampett Line?”

“Jason, Eric, and Dainius…JED Clampett.”

You’re scaring me, Cheerless.

And the '60 Minutes Line'…"

Lemme guess…”CBS.”

“Now yer gettin’ it.”

And the fourth line?

The “DMV Line.”


"David, Matt, and Voyd."


“OK, it’s a work in progress.”

Odd thing about that team.

“What’s that, cuz?”

Eight of those 20 players played in that 2010 first round playoff loss to the Canadiens.

“Get rid of the evidence?”

That’s one way to put it…

“So cuz, think this team could make the playoffs?”

When singing pigs fly out of my butt.

“What’s sports talk radio got to do with it?”

Good point…

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