Friday, September 14, 2012

Somewhere out there...

With barely a day to go before the NHL goes dark for the second time in eight years, the situation looks bleak for a settlement and a new collective bargaining agreement.  Actually, it looks like this...

It could be the NHL; it could be the NHLPA.  Whether it is one or the other, their counterpart -- the other side of the span -- is out there, a great distance separating them and a great gulf between them.

And there is no bridging the differences in sight.


Hale said...

Peerless, I so enjoy reading your blog, and I know you just redesigned your page, but reading the white on red background is a killer on the eyes. I don't know if it bothers anyone else, but white font on red, black, or another dark color gives me a headache and then I see negative images of your page on everything else I look at for several minutes afterwards. So, I don't read as often now or can only do so for brief periods. Just FYI for the next time you redesign.


1) From the sounds of recent discussions we're more likely to see your proverbial bridges burned further than constructed to meet its counterpart
2) Neither side is looking at the world the same way:
a)Players feel they have already given up a lot and want the system to change to help the poorer teams before they'll cut any further
b) The owners feel they can cut when/where they please. After all the NBA and NFL did the same thing.3) There is common ground, but you can't get there from here if you're building your side of the bridge over different obsticles

RAW said...

tell Hale to enlarge his font. but he does have a point.
thats why most sites use a blue background