Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Washington Capitals: It's Early...It's Early

Was just looking up some old Caps this morning, and we put together a Caps active alumni group that looks something like this...

As a group, this team has nine goals so far.  Well, so do the Caps.  This group has six players in plus-territory.  The Caps have one.  This group has a goalie who is top-five in goals against and save percentage.  The Caps have a number one goalie who is on the second page of the statistics in both.

Truth be told, though, would you like the long term prospects of that first line, one that might need a map and a flashlight to find their own end of the ice?  And at this point, ditto for that first defensive pair (which, by the way, as primarily "offensive" defensemen has combined for no points so far).  And the backup goalie is out!

Just another way of saying to Caps fans, "stop whining!"  Oh, and to the Caps..."stop sucking (at even strength)!"

It's early...It's early.

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